Streamlined Contract Management

Real-Time Project

Oversight And Tracking

VantagePoint™ provides up-to-date project information including prime contracts, subcontracts, payments, and goal attainment data available at your fingertips at anytime.

Process Automation

VantagePoint™ automates the day-to-day efforts of payment and goal attainment monitoring. Prime and sub vendors report dollars paid and received through the system which eliminates the need for monthly payment reports.

Data Transparency

VantagePoint™ allows for different user types to access summary and detailed information throughout the life of the contract. System generated notifications keep agency users and vendors informed of contract activities and action items.

DBE Database Link

VantagePoint™ can directly connected to  Unified Certification Program (UCP) DBE databases. The system downloads the database each day and the certification status of DBE vendors are verified which eliminates the need to perform this task manually.

Payment Tracking

  • Quick and easy payment reporting through phone, tablet, or computer

  • Sub vendor verification to confirm accuracy of prime reporting

  • Prime and sub vendor payments linked for true prompt payment tracking

Dynamic Reporting

  • The Uniform Report feature generates a completed report in Microsoft Excel with backup detail which saves hours of manual data gathering

  • Reports can be run for contracts, subcontracts, and payments for any date range to allow for ad hoc goal tracking

Built For You

Highly Secure For
Agency And Vendor
Financial Data
Unlimited Users
Built for Scale
And Speed

Intuitive, Cohesive,
Modern User Interface

Modern, Clean Design Patterns

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Thoughtful User Experience

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